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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Mycology: Prof. em. Dr. Gerhard Rambold

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Triebel, D; Peršoh, D; Klaster, S; Rambold, G: Omics and meta’omics dataflows in mycology. Omics and meta’omics dataflows in mycology.
Talk, The 10th International Mycological Congress (IMC10), Bangkok: 2014-08-03 - 2014-08-08

Omics data from individual organisms and meta’omics data from organismic associations or communities in environmental sample s like soil, host tissues, water or air, populate an increasing number of databases and are redistributed to the public via data portals and web services. These data mostly co ncern nucleotide and translated protein sequences from genes and genomes, patterns of hybridisation signals from transcripts or translation products, as well as man ifold information on molecular structures or pathways. While gene and transcriptome data of individual org anisms are nowadays routinely processed, the handling of meta’omics dat a is still challenging. An ulterior scope is even emerging: the joining of omics and me ta’omics data with ecosystem metadata, such as site characteristics, methodologi cal details, organismic traits, and information on sample deposition in repositories. For comprehensive analysis of such diverse data, th e content of different databases has to be linked. Data nodes with databas e registries and data record ID resolvers are preconditioned for providing this dat a integration. Mechanisms, which collect and redistribute such identifiers among dat a nodes, need to be established. Currently, networks of web services and platforms a re set up, allowing for the presentation and downstream analysis of content-enr iched omics and environmental meta’omics data.
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