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Referierte Zeitschriften
-- 2018 --
Dinh, MV; Guhr, A; Weig, A R; Matzner, E: Drying and rewetting of forest floors: dynamics of soluble phosphorus, microbial biomass-phosphorus, and the composition of microbial communities, Biology and Fertility of Soils, 54(6), 761-768 (2018), online: 09.07.2018, doi:10.1007/s00374-018-1300-y -- Details
Guhr, A; Horn, MA; Weig, A: Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) increases drought tolercance of Agaricus bisporus, Mycologia, 109, 860-873 (2018), online: 26.02.2018, doi:10.1080/00275514.2017.1414544 [Link] -- Details
-- 2017 --
Feulner, M; Weig, A; Paule, J; Gregor, T; Schott, LF; Aas, G: Genetic variability and morphology of tri- and tetraploid members of the Sorbus aria complex in northern Bavaria, Preslia, 89(3), 275-290 (2017), online: 12.07.2017, doi:10.23855/preslia.2017.275 -- Details
Pahlevani, AH; Feulner, M; Weig, A R; Liede-Schumann, S: Molecular and morphological studies disentangle species complex in Euphorbia sect. Esula (Euphorbiaceae) from Iran, including two new species, Plant Systematics and Evolution, 303, 139-164 (2017), online: 05.11.2016, doi:10.1007/s00606-016-1358-7 -- Details
-- 2016 --
Weithmann, N; Weig, A R; Freitag, R: Process Parameters and changes in the microbial community patterns during the first 240 days of an agricultural energy crop digester, AMB Express, 6(53) (2016), online: 02.08.2016, doi:10.1186/s13568-016-0219-7 -- Details
-- 2015 --
Habel, JC; Brückmann, S; Krauss, J; Schwarzer, J; Weig, A R; Husemann, M; Steffan-Dewenter, I: Fragmentation genetics of the grassland butterfly Polyommatus coridon: Stable genetic diversity or extinction debt?, Conservation Genetics (2015), online: 17.12.2014, doi:10.1007/s10592-014-0679-8 -- Details
Harter, D; Thiv, M; Weig, A R; Jentsch, A; Beierkuhnlein, C: Spatial and ecological population genetic structures within two island-endemic Aeonium species of different niche width, Ecology and Evolution, 5(19), 4327–4344 (2015), online: 14.09.2015, doi:10.1002/ece3.1682 -- Details
Heuck, C; Weig, A; Spohn, M: Soil microbial biomass C:N:P stoichiometry and microbial use of organic phosphorus, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 85, 119-129 (2015), online: 12.03.2015, doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2015.02.029 -- Details
Klecker, T; Wemmer, M; Haag, M; Weig, A R; Böckler, S; Langer, T; Nunnari, J; Westermann, B: Interaction of MDM33 with mitochondrial inner membrane homeostasis pathways in yeast, Scientific Reports, 5 (2015), online: 16.12.2015, doi:10.1038/srep18344
-- 2014 --
Greiner, K; Peršoh, D; Weig, A; Rambold, G: Phialosimplex salinarum, a new species of Eurotiomycetes from a hypersaline habitat, IMA Fungus, 5(2), 161–172 (2014), online: 09.10.2014, doi:10.5598/imafungus.2014.05.02.01 [Link] -- Details
Kis-Papo, T; Weig, A; Riley, R; Peršoh, D; Salamov, A; Sun, H; Lipzen, A; Wasser, SP; Rambold, G; Grigoriev, I; Nevo, E: Genomic adaptations of the halophilic Dead Sea filamentous fungus Eurotium rubrum, Nature Communications, 5, Article number: 3745 (2014), online: 09.05.2014, doi:10.1038/ncomms4745 -- Details
-- 2013 --
Weig, A R; Peršoh, D; Werner, S; Betzlbacher, A; Rambold, G: Diagnostic assessment of mycodiversity in environmental samples by fungal ITS1 rDNA length polymorphism., Mycological Progress, 12, 719-725 (2013), online: 15.01.2013, doi:10.1007/s11557-012-0883-1 -- Details
Feulner, M; Liede-Schumann, S; Meve, U; Weig, A; Aas, G: Genetic structure of three Sorbus latifolia (Lam.) Pers. taxa endemic to northern Bavaria, Plant Systematics and Evolution, 299(6), 1065-1074 (2013), online: 02.04.2013, doi:10.1007/s00606-013-0778-x -- Details
El Sayed, A; Weig, A R; Hummel, E; Yan, SL; Komor, E: Assimilate export inhibition in Sugarcane yellow leaf virus-infected sugarcane is not due to less transcripts for sucrose transporters and sucrose-phosphate synthase or to callose deposition in sieve plates, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 81, 64–73 (2013), online: 28.11.2012, doi:10.1016/j.pmpp.2012.11.003 -- Details
-- 2012 --
Peršoh, D; Weig, A R; Rambold, G: A transcriptome-targeting EcoChip for assessing functional mycodiversity, Microarrays, 1(1), 25-41 (2012), online: 31.10.2011, doi:10.3390/microarrays1010025 [Link] -- Details
-- 2011 --
El Sayed, A; Weig, A R; Komor, E: Molecular characterization of Hawaiian Sugarcane yellow leaf virus genotypes and their phylogenetic relationship to strains from other sugarcane-growing countries, European Journal of Plant Pathology, 129, 399–412 (2011), online: 09.11.2010, doi:10.1007/s10658-010-9703-0 [Link] -- Details
-- 2005 --
Eisenbarth, DA; Weig, A R: Sucrose carrier RcSCR1 is involved in sucrose retrieval, but not in sucrose unloading in growing hypocotyls of Ricinus communis L., Plant Biology, 7(1), 98-103 (2005), doi:10.1055/s-2004-830448
Eisenbarth, DA; Weig, A R: Dynamics of Aquaporins and Water Relations during Hypocotyl Elongation in Ricinus communis L. Seedlings, J. Experimental Botany, 56, 1831-1842 (2005), doi:10.1093/jxb/eri173 -- Details
-- 2001 --
Johanson, U; Karlsson, M; Johansson, I; Gustavsson, S; Sjövall, S; Fraysse, F; Weig, A R; Kjellbom, P: The complete set of genes encoding major intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis provides a framework for a new nomenclature for major intrinsic proteins in plants, Plant Physiology, 126, 1358-1369 (2001), doi:10.1104/pp.126.4.1358 -- Details
-- 2000 --
Weig, A R; Jakob, C: Functional identification of the glycerol permease activity of Arabidopsis thaliana NLM1 and NLM2 proteins by heterologous expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, FEBS Letters, 481, 293-298 (2000), doi:10.1016/S0014-5793(00)02027-5 -- Details
-- 1997 --
Weig, A R; Deswarte, C; Chrispeels, MJ: The major intrinsic protein family of Arabidopsis has 23 members that form three distinct groups with functional aquaporins in each group, Plant Physiology, 114, 1347-1357 (1997), doi:10.1104/pp.114.4.1347 [Link] -- Details
-- 1996 --
Komor, E; Orlich, G; Weig, A R; Köckenberger, W: Phloem loading-not metaphysical, only complex: Towards a unified model of phloem loading, Journal of Experimental Botany, 47, 1155-1164 (1996), doi:10.1093/jxb/47.Special_Issue.1155
Weig, A R; Komor, E: An active sucrose carrier (Scr1) that is predominantly expressed in the seedling of Ricinus communis L, Journal of Plant Physiology, 147(6), 685-690 (1996), doi:10.1016/S0176-1617(11)81478-1
-- 1994 --
Weig, A R; Franz, J; Sauer, N; Komor, E: Isolation of a family of cDNA clones from Ricinus communis L. with close homology to the hexose carriers, Journal of Plant Physiology, 143, 178-183 (1994), doi:10.1016/S0176-1617(11)81683-4
-- 1992 --
Weig, A R; Komor, E: The lipid-transfer protein C of Ricinus communis L.: Isolation of two cDNA sequences which are strongly and exclusiveley expressed in cotyledons after germination, Planta, 187, 367-371 (1992), doi:10.1007/BF00195660
Nicht referierte Zeitschriften und Reihen
Weig, A R; Peršoh, D; Rambold, G: EcoChips für die Erforschung mikrobieller Lebensgemeinschaften, BIOspektrum, 19(4), 382–385 (2013), doi:10.1007/s12268-013-0326-9 -- Details
Weig, A R; Komor, E: Isolation of a class II metallothionein cDNA (accession no. L02306) from Ricinus communis L, Plant Physiology, 109(PGR95-066), 721 (1995), doi:10.1104/pp.109.2.721
Bücher und Buchkapitel
Weig, A R; Eisenbarth, DA: Role of aquaporins during elongation growth of castor bean seedlings in Hohmann, S; Nielsen, S: Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 357-364 (2000)
Weig, A R; Jakob, C: Functional chracterisation of Arabidopsis thaliana aquaglyceroporins in Hohmann, S; Nielsen, S: Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 365-372 (2000)
Chrispeels, MJ; Daniels, MJ; Weig, A R: Aquaporins and water transport across the tonoplast, Advances in Botanical Research, 25, 419-432 (1997), doi:10.1016/S0065-2296(08)60160-3
Beiträge in Tagungsbänden
Weig, A R; Eisenbarth, D: Aquaporin function in hypocotyl growth, (2000) [Link]
Chrispeels, MJ; Daniels, MJ; Weig, A R: Aquaporins facilitate water transport through the plasma-membrane and the tonoplast, Plant Physiology, 108(2), 6 (1995)
Daniels, MJ; Weig, A R; Maurel, C; Chrispeels, MJ: PIPs and TIPs, aquaporins of the plasma membrane and the vacuolar membrane, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6 (1995)
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