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Department of Mycology: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rambold

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4 — Biodiversity Informatics

Biodiversity and Ecoinformatics, Work- and Dataflows

The compilation, modelling, processing, analysis, sustainable archiving and the re-appropriation of biodiversity data is currently moving into the center of attention of ecological research activity. Organisms and their identity, properties (including morphological and anatomical characteristics, furthermore natural compounds and behavior), occurrence, origins (“space-time-acquisition”), alternating relations and their effect on the environment are the respective subject-matters. There exist a number of information systems, respectively internet platforms, storing and analyzing biodiversity data of different institutions, initiatives and research projects. The field of ecoinformatics is dedicated to the development of IT-concepts and -applications to administer and analyze ecological data on an ecosystem level. Hereby, also a multitude of quantitative data is being acquired next to the descriptive qualitative data. Within the framework of the projects “BMBF-BIOTA” and “GBIF-Germany”, the EU-project “4D4 Life” and the DFG-project “DiversityMobile, I-B-F, Teilprojekt I-B-F Eco” database applications and interfaces or tools for data analysis have been and still are being developed and implemented in cooperation with the IT-Center of the “Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns”. The aim is to process and publish primary research data online. Our group takes part in the setup of the following applications, information systems and data portals:

MycologyNet PhycologyNet Deemy LIAS Mycophylogeny Diversity Workbench Diversity Navigator NaviKey

Active Projects (with main focus on this field)

[prev.] BMBF 01LIO205Participation in the continous further datenbase modelling und rich client implementation of the Diversity Workbench framework components
Gerhard Rambold
Z_AMyk_2001-01Fortentwicklung der beiden Java-basierten Datanbank-Clients NaviKey und Diversity Navigator in Kooperation mit dem IT-Zentrum der Staatlichen Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen Bayerns (SNSB)
Dieter Neubacher, Gerhard Rambold
Z_Myk_2000-02Weiterentwicklung verschiedener Biodiversitäts-Internetportale in Kooperation mit dem IT-Zentrum der Staatlichen Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen Bayerns (SNSB)
Gerhard Rambold

Completed Projects (with main focus on this field)

BMBF 01LI1501MGBOL: German Barcode of Life – From Science to Application (GBOL-2) – Project 12: Design und Implementation of Fungal-specific Microarrays ('EcoChips') for Diagnostics
Janno Harjes, Gerhard Rambold
BMBF 01LIO202Ausbau des globalen Informationssystems LIAS durch Implementierung einer neuen Datenbankkomponente Diversity CharacterDocumentation sowie zweier neuer Internet-Komponenten
Gerhard Rambold
BMBF 01LIO205Aufbau und Optimierung der knotenspezifischen Informatik-Infrastruktur (Diversity Workbench-Komponenten und kompatible Module)
Gerhard Rambold
BMBF/DLR UF-UFLCO1263600 – 01LC0024BIOTA S04/S05: Biological crusts – Informatics
Luciana Zedda, Dieter Neubacher, Gerhard Rambold
BMBF GBIF-D Biodiversity InformaticsIT expert group (GBIF Germany)
Alexandra Kehl, Gerhard Rambold
DFG INST 2850/1-1Setting up an information network for biological research data from gathering in the field up to their sustainable storage in a primary data repository
Alexandra Kehl, Gerhard Rambold
DFG RA 731/11-2I-B-F: Aufbau eines Informationsnetzes für biologische Forschungsdaten von der Erhebung im Feld bis zur nachhaltigen Sicherung in einem Primärdatenrepositorium
Alexander Guhr, Gerhard Rambold
DFG RA 731/16-1Towards an integrative and comprehensive standard for meta-omics data of collection objects (MOD-CO)
Gerhard Rambold

Completed Projects (with partial focus on this field)

BMBF 01LC0024ABIOTA S04: Monitoring of lichen diversity in Southern Africa and the establishement of a management and analysis systems for georeferenced lichenological data
Luciana Zedda, Gerhard Rambold
BMBF/DLR 01LC0024 BIOTA S-B2BIOTA S-B2: Establishment of a long-term monitoring system for analysing diversity shifts of soil-inhabiting lichens in Southern Africa, based on the ecologically indicative values of lichen morphological groups
Luciana Zedda, Gerhard Rambold
DFG 444 BRA-113/58/0-1Scientific cooperation with Brazil in the context of the agreement with CNPq call no. 71
Marcela E. da S. Cáceres, Gerhard Rambold
DFG RA 731/5-1; FE 579/1Global Diversity of Lichens
Gerhard Rambold
FKZ 28W-C-4-122-03Höhen - und Bewirtschaftungsgradient in einem deutschen Mittelgebirge zur Abschätzung von Veränderungen in Waldökosystemen im Klimawandel
Daniel Osieko Okach, Gerhard Rambold
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