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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Mycology: Prof. em. Dr. Gerhard Rambold

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Derek Peršoh: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Diversity of acarophilous fungi in soils (UniBAY A 4515 – I/3)
    Sebastian Werner, Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

  • Fagus leaves-inhabiting fungi and their impact on leaf decomposition (Z_Myk_2010-08)
    Derek Peršoh, Julia Segert, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

  • Revisiting endophytic fungi of the Pinus-Viscum-system to assess interdependencies among factors driving community structure. (DFG PE 1673/2-1)
    Derek Peršoh [Details]

  • Fagus leaves-inhabiting fungi and their impact on Cecidomyiid gall formation (Z_Myk_2010-07)
    Alexandra Kehl, Anja Zigan, Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

  • Assessing fungal diversity in soil, using the microarray chip technology (DFG RA 731/9-1)
    Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

  • Accessory fungi in lichenized systems (Z_Myk_2005-01)
    Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

  • Substrate specificity of members of the genus Xylaria (Ascomycota) (Z_Myk_2005-02)
    Katrin Graf, Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

  • Zusammensetzung und Aufbau von Mehrbiotensystemen bei lichenisierten Ascomyceten (DFG RA 731/3-1)
    Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold [Details]

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