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LIAS names

LIAS names – A Database with Names of Lichens, Lichenicolous Fungi and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes

Von 01/2005 bis

Autor/-en: Gerhard Rambold, Dagmar Triebel

LIAS names was initiated in 2003 (see LIAS history). It is currently restricted to taxon names of lichens, lichenicolous fungi and non-lichenized ascomycetes. The LIAS names web interface allows public access for checking accepted names, conceptual names, and synonyms used by LIAS. A SOAP Web Service is set up and the remote editing of data via a browser independent rich client DiversityTaxonNames is realized. The goal of LIAS names is to set up a taxonomic backbone for all LIAS subprojects and associated data projects which is usable in local networks of databanks as well as in linking online databanks and in delivering consistent lists of names, synonyms and taxonomic concepts for data projects e. g. in the context of the German GBIF Node for Mycology. LIAS names has united a number of resources for taxon names including LIAS checklists, LIAS main and LIAS light. Therefore special thanks are due to all LIAS participants. Taxon names of Erysiphales were compiled as part of the GLOPP project. The LIAS classification is based on the Current Outline of Ascomycota published by MYCONET. The long-time collaboration between the Index Fungorum Partnership (IFP) and LIAS was underlined by the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation in 2005. Both, LIAS light and LIAS names deliver data for the Species 2000 initiative and act as the Global Species Database for Lichens.

Homepage: http://liasnames.lias.net/

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