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Abteilung Mykologie: Prof. em. Dr. Gerhard Rambold

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Zedda, L*; Neubacher, D; Köhler, T; Rambold, G: Gathering, maintenance, analysis and web-presentation of data on lichen diversity from the BIOTA Southern Africa observatories
Poster, BIOTA-International Congress Biodiversity of Africa - Observation and Sustainable Management for our Future!, Spier, RSA: 29.09.2008 - 03.10.2008

Various kinds of lichen diversity data have been collected in the framework of the BIOTA Southern Africa project. Data of the following domains proved to be relevant for the project: 1) georeferenced collection data; 2) data on diagnostically relevant descriptive characters; 3) lichen community data; 4) digital images of lichens and vegetation sampling areas. Data are gathered and stored in PostgreSQL and MS SQL server database components of the Diversity Workbench suite (www.diversityworkbench.net): DiversityCollection, DiversityDescriptions, and DiversityTaxonNames. For platform-independent remote data entry, maintenance, and query, modularized Java- and .Net-based database rich clients were developed as well as various JSP and PHP web interfaces.
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