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Abteilung Mykologie: Prof. em. Dr. Gerhard Rambold

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Publikationen des Jahres 2022

Flessa, F; Babel, W; Kehl, A; Rambold, G; Kohl, M: Effect of sap-feeding insects, plant characteristics, and weather parameters on sooty moulds in the temperate zone, Journal of Plant Pathology (2022), doi:10.1007/s42161-022-01177-0
Krasylenko, Y; Kinge, TR; Sosnovsky, Y; Atamas, N; Tofel, KH; Horielov, O; Rambold, G: Consuming and consumed: Biotic interactions of African mistletoes across different trophic levels, Biotropica, 54(4), 1103–1119 (2022), doi:10.1111/btp.13130
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Rohrbach, S; Gkoutselis, GM; Hink, L; Weig, A; Obst, M; Diekmann, A; Ho, A; Rambold, G; Horn, M: Microplastic polymer properties as deterministic factors driving terrestrial plastisphere microbiome assembly and succession in the field, Environmental Microbiology (2022), doi:10.1111/1462-2920.16234

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